>> Table for Functionkeys on a x220t

The table

In this table are all functionkeys listed. You can see if they work or how to get them work. Please make sure to install all dependencies! You can download every script here by hand. Or just get the downloadable .zip.

key Keysym / keyname symbol status function programs used script
fn f2 XF86ScreenSaver lock script locks screen scrot i3lock imagemagick screenlock.sh
fn f3 XF86Battery battery script open powertop powertop powertop.sh
fn f4 - moon / sleep default suspend to ram nothing
fn f5 - radio / wlan default toogle wlan nothing
fn f6 XF86WebCam camera script start webcam wxcam webcamcrtl.sh
fn f7 XF86Display screen output script show CPU temperature Xfce-terminal tempmonitor.sh
fn f8 XF86TouchpadToggle trackball script toogle trackball xinput trackballtoogle.sh
fn f12 - screen hdd default suspend to disk nothing
vol mute XF86Audio vol mute script mute volume sed awk pactl pacmd volmute.sh
vol + XF86Audio vol + script vol + sed awk pactl pacmd volup.sh
vol - XF86Audio vol - script vol - sed awk pactl pacmd voldw.sh
mic mute XF86AudioMicMute mic mute script dont work yet dont work yet micctrl.sh
think vantage XF86Launch1 blue script turn of wacom pencil xinput touchstoogle.sh
fn roll - num-lock default locks numblock nothing
fn print - S-Abf nothing nothing nothing
fn pause - Untbr nothing nothing nothing
fn pos 1 XF86MonBrightnessUp brightness up script brightness 10vpercent up xbacklight brigthup.sh
fn end XF86MonBrightnessDown brightness down script Brightness 10 percent down xbacklight brigthdw.sh
fn page up nothing lamp nothing nothing nothing
fn arrow up - media stop default stop media (tested in vlc) nothing
fn arrow left - media back default reward media (tested in vlc) nothing
fn arrow right - media forward default forwared media (tested in vlc) nothing
fn arrow down - media play/pause default paly/pause media (tested in vlc) nothing
fn space only ACPI-event zoom nothing nothing nothing
power keyboard - dot default powerbutton nothing
power tabframe - dot default powerbutton nothing
rotate tabframe XF86RotateWindow screen rotate script rotate screenout put xbacklight xinput rotation.sh
refresh tabframe XF86TaskPane cricle arrow script toogle brightness xbacklight brighttoogle.sh